Pray for Healing

  • Pray for:

    Lourdes Martin Barajas
    Stacy Barnes
    Julie Anna Burks
    Ann Doyle
    Katherene Durocher
    Caitlin Edge
    Victor Fazio
    Barry Gremban
    Alyssa Grodotzke
    Emma Hamel
    Natalie Levy
    Sandra Linch
    Rebeca Lozano
    Emma Montez
    Laryssa Moyle
    Moyra O'Loughlin
    Grayson Obligacion
    Rita Raya
    Edward Ryba
    Damian Stehly
    Nilda Stockwell and family
    Debbie Thomas
    Charlie Wentrup
    Stephen Willens
    Jeanette Wong
  • Call the parish office (818) 889-1279 to add a name of a loved one who is in need of prayer. Names are removed after a period of one month.